Just wanted to say a bit about the rapture that never happened. It is a shame that people get fooled like this over and over again. I’m not a religious person, but I’m not fully against organized religion either. Church provides a nice sense of community that can benefit the community. What I don’t appreciate so much is the “spreading the message” part. I don’t need to fear God, ask for his forgiveness or give God any money of some organizations. Getting into the minutiae in what is contained in the Bible is problematic on many levels since it is a book to be taken at face value in my opinion. There is no hidden meaning – the bible was not written by Lewis Carroll. If a story from the Bible has helped you morally in any way, great! That is what it is for, but the bible is not a cure all for all of our ailments.

The problem I see is that we turn to religion to fix our problems when, most of the time, we should be looking inward. Before you believe in God or anything/anyone else, you need to believe in yourself first. Turn your energy from preaching a Doomsday prophecy into one of philanthropy, not because you want the person to accept Jesus as their savior, but because you want the person to see that there is good in this world. If you give money in church, give to the the church community and not solely to please the “almighty.”

Believe in your family and friends next. Have hope for human nature. When we are put in seemingly hopeless situations that are out of our control – family, friends, and even strangers come to our aid. They are our saviors. We, as human beings, have the power to make GOOD happen. You have the power to make YOU a better you.

News: Harold Camping now says end is coming Oct. 21


Storytime is popular in our household. Our son loves books and we like to read them. 🙂 However, even with what seems like an endless supply of books on hand, you get tired of reading the same books over and over and over…and over and over again. Our son doesn’t seem to mind, but we “grown ups” get bored. Checking out library books helps, but it’s a temporary solution because your child pick one or two out of a handful that you’ve checked out that he wants to hear on continuous loop during the three weeks that the books are on loan. Eventually, you may even buy one of the books so that you can torture yourself by reading it 3000 more times in the next few months.

My husband’s solution to this is to change up the story. He makes up the words and infuriates our son. “It doesn’t go like that!” Ultimately, he ends up enjoying the goofy, alternate storyline to “Berenstain Bears Go to the Dentist.”

I, on the other hand, have decided to make up our own bedtime story. My boy really enjoys this because we incorporate him into the story. I’ll take a few of his favorite characters – Buddy from Dinosaur Train, Luigi from Super Mario, and “The Green Knight” from Medieval Times dinner tournament (LOL) and they will go on an adventure. I’ll usually start the story with something my son did that day, like finding caterpillars, and then his imagination will take over and *I’m* being told the story. It’s really fun. I would try this if you haven’t already. 🙂

Why blog?

I started this blog a couple of months ago and I had a feeling that it would die a quick death. 🙂 I’m just not sure what to blog about. I have started many drafts to post here, but eventually decided that the subject matter was too personal or too angry (re: iTunes, ha!). I intended to make this blog about me, so I need to need to put a piece of me out there, but putting my vulnerabilities on public display is tough for me to do. I still intend be be here, in some capacity, so I’m not willing to let this die completely as of yet. I may post about my parenting struggles or triumphs (yes, triumphs…I can’t believe it either!)., or trying Zumba class for this first time at the gym. Stay tuned… 😉