Wellness update.

Everything has been going well. My insides seems to be happy and working at almost full capacity. 😉 I decided to ditch the medication, lower my water intake to 6 glasses a day, and start drinking kombucha tea daily. This seems to be working well for me so far. I just have to start making my own kombucha because it is pricey stuff.

I have another obstacle which might inhibit my digestive and exercise progress, but it’s not IBS related.

I have a GI appointment tomorrow, do we’ll see how that goes.

The Squatty Potty

Having IBS means that you look up items online that you never thought you would look at before: http://squattypotty.com/

Now I’m wondering if this could help. 🙂

I started looking up squatting vs sitting for pooping and it seems like squatting works better for many people. There is a great write up on this on Mark’s Daily Apple. The photo illustration on the site makes sense too: It does seem like squatting gives you better pooping alignment. Lol! But can I ditch my western sensibilities enough to do this?

I don’t know.

Still chugging along…

I’m still here. Miraculously. 😉

My condition has not improved on the Amitiza. Somehow it has actually gotten worse, most likely do to stress and the side effects of the medication. So all this treatment has given me is added nausea. 😦 My GI doctor is perplexed, but he wants me to continue on a higher dosage on Amitiza. I’ve been on a higher dosage for the last couple of days, but still not getting complete bowel movements.The next phase of testing for me is to explore a pelvic floor dysfunction diagnosis. I have a hunch that this might be the root of my problem.

My son this week has been sick and his cough was worrisome enough for me to take him to the doctor. He was diagnosed with walking pneumonia today. My little man is in good spirits and happy to not be in school. I just have to keep my cool and not let this stress me out, especially when I have lots to do in the office and I can’t be there.

Still getting my workouts in! I’ve done a rotation of running/jogging 3 miles, going to the gym and doing a cardio/sculpt or Zumba class and doing Zumba Workout II on the Wii. Today I did Zuzka Light’s ZWOW #4

I did great! I was able to keep up with Zuzana and was a little faster than her on the burpees. I struggled with push-up twists – I had to do push ups on my knees during the last round, but I did it. 🙂 My son commented that she just better than me at jumping rope, but I told him that that just makes me try harder in order to get better. 😉

I think I mentioned a few posts ago that have been wearing a bodymedia fit armband. This little gizmo has been great. I bought an older model off of eBay and saved myself a ton of money. A new one costs $180+. The sensor keeps track of your calories burned, step taken and your sleep. I was really curious about the sleep part. Here you can see my graph for the day.I have not uploaded any data since I woke up this morning, so the rest of the data is incomplete. However, I want you to look the “Sleep Duration” row. I got 5:46 minutes of sleep last night. My son was coughing and hacking most of the night, but between 5-6 hours is what I have been averaging since I started tracking with the armband. That is horrible. Not not sure why I am a giant FAIL when it comes to sleep. I know part of it is that my husband works nights and I think subliminally I want to stay up to see him (He gets home around midnight usually). It’s tough when you work a different schedule from your partner. Another part of my problem is my couch potato tendencies. Once I get my son to bed, I don’t feel right just getting a yoga or Zumba session in and going to bed. I have to fart around on Pinterest or Facebook and then catch up on my DVR. By the time I do all that, my husband is home and then I’m chatting with him and my sleep is ruined. I will need to actively work to fix this.


Trying to find my Digestive Zen

*Poop Talk Warning*

This week has been one of those weeks where my insides just seem freaking bi-polar. At the beginning of the week, I just couldn’t. go number two. Not at all. Then out of the blue, while driving my son & I home for the day, I had to go. BAD. Thankfully, for some miraculous reason, the 405 freeway was open during rush hour. I was able to channel my inner yogi enough to relax myself while simultaneously thinking about where the nearest restroom was (and driving too). I actually made it home without sharting myself, which I thought was a real possibility, and was able to use the toilet at home. That was such a relief.

Now I’m back to my first problem. Since that explosive incident, I can’t go. I drink water, I eat fiber, I work out, I take Miralax, but I can’t go to the bathroom. Instead of stressing out about this, I’m trying to take it easy. I’m hoping that peppermint tea will help alleviate the problem.

It sucks that my bodymedia fit armband is telling me that I have had 800+ calorie deficits everyday this week and I’ve actually gained weight on the scale. I know that it’s not “fat” and the scale lies, but it’s still a bummer. Nevertheless, I have to focus on the positive and keep up with my goals (my sleeping is a disaster).