Trying to find my Digestive Zen

*Poop Talk Warning*

This week has been one of those weeks where my insides just seem freaking bi-polar. At the beginning of the week, I just couldn’t. go number two. Not at all. Then out of the blue, while driving my son & I home for the day, I had to go. BAD. Thankfully, for some miraculous reason, the 405 freeway was open during rush hour. I was able to channel my inner yogi enough to relax myself while simultaneously thinking about where the nearest restroom was (and driving too). I actually made it home without sharting myself, which I thought was a real possibility, and was able to use the toilet at home. That was such a relief.

Now I’m back to my first problem. Since that explosive incident, I can’t go. I drink water, I eat fiber, I work out, I take Miralax, but I can’t go to the bathroom. Instead of stressing out about this, I’m trying to take it easy. I’m hoping that peppermint tea will help alleviate the problem.

It sucks that my bodymedia fit armband is telling me that I have had 800+ calorie deficits everyday this week and I’ve actually gained weight on the scale. I know that it’s not “fat” and the scale lies, but it’s still a bummer. Nevertheless, I have to focus on the positive and keep up with my goals (my sleeping is a disaster).

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