I am still struggling with very severe constipation. My usual cocktail of laxatives is not helping and neither is the added exercise and water. There is nothing more uncomfortable than working out or running while constipated.

I paid a visit to my Gastroenterologist on Thursday and he decided to prescribe me Amitiza. It is a drug that helps to coat your intestines so that you can go. I’ve been taking it for 2 days and the only change is that I have nausea. That makes me eat less, which means less stool. Lol.

So my regiment is:
-probiotic daily
-psyllium husk mixed with water and lemon daily
-peppermint tea daily
-1 capful of Miralax daily (2 capfuls once a week
– 1 tablet of Amitiza daily
-dulcolax once a week, on the weekend.

Hopefully the Amitiza will start to work soon.

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