Parenting…It’s hard!

I feel like the internet has been in the trenches of Mommy Wars lately. Who has the tougher job, a stay at home mom or a working mom? One blog post sways one way and another blogger states another opinion. Well, here’s my take. PARENTING is hard. Yes, for both mommy and daddy.

My husband and I have two beautiful (most of the time) children, a 7 year old boy and and a 1 year old girl. We both work. We do what we can to manage. This kind of teamwork takes balance. My husband is home in the morning, He gets breakfast ready, takes our son to school, Has daddy-daughter bonding time, gets her to nap and then hand her over to the sitter for a couple of hours. In the afternoon, I pick up our kids, make sure our son does his homework, have play time with the kids, get dinner ready and then bedtime. We are constantly texting each other with chores (Can you pick up some fruit on the way home?) When my husband has a day off, he makes sure to get bonding time in with our son as much as possible. My father also helps at times when the sitter is there. Sometimes I recruit my friends and family, because it really takes a village to raise our family. lol.

My husband and I do the best we can in our given situation to raise our children. That is what parenting is about. It’s a very individual experience. Every child is different, every family is different. Having a stay at home parent may work for some families, it might not for others for various reasons, whether financial or emotional. There are times, when we struggle or when our friends/family struggle with parenting – we experienced this recently when my mom suffered a stroke. We do what we can to help one another. What ultimately matters is that the children are growing up happy, healthy and getting a proper education.

We don’t have to be an internet hero for our kids, we just have to be present…supplying hugs and kisses as necessary…or saying NO when we need to.

I’m sure I’m missing an important point somewhere in this post, but that is how I feel at this moment….eta: Main point. LOL. Let’s stop trying to one up each other  or cut each other down. Let’s help each other out….as I’ve already said, it takes a village.

One thought on “Parenting…It’s hard!

  1. Hey Yvette, Gabby here! love your blog!!! this shows how wise and compassionate you are as a parent, mom, wife and yes, human being 🙂 what an insightful post – advise everyone should take!

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