Free Workouts: Hang Tight with MarC

There is nothing more that I love than free workouts. I do have a gym membership, but fitness doesn’t need to cost you money. All you need is the desire to get yourself into shape in the comfort of your own home, on the track, pool, or great outdoors.

However, sometimes it’s great to have someone to push you. That is one of the main reasons that exercise DVD’s are so popular. You have someone to guide you and motivate you into shape. The downside is that these videos can get pricey, many of the Beach Body programs are over $100, which is cost effective if you use them religiously, but $100 is still $100. After a while though, you get used to doing the same old routine, you’ve memorized Shaun T’s lines, get bored and slack off. That is why YouTube is so great for fitness, you can get a fresh workout everyday. 😉

Avoiding spending money is what led my to and Zuzka Light, but it also introduced me to a bunch of other awesome online fitness personalities. One of these is Hang Tight with MarC.

What I like about MarC is her abilty to breakdown each workout, spending time on going over proper form and offering variations for different workout levels. For this reason I think that she is GREAT for beginners at interval workouts. Both Bodyrock and Zuzana can be a bit much for someone starting out without already knowing proper form. MarC’s workouts can be equally challenging if you make them so. She offers new workouts on an almost daily basis, so please check out for videos when you get the chance.