vs Zuzka Light’s ZWOW’s

Both and Zuzka Light put out short HiiT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts on YouTube that you can do for free.

I have been bodyrocking on and off for about 1 year, but I really started getting serious with it around the time that Zuzana Light left. I grew to like Zuzana quite a bit, she has an infectious, positive personality, so it was hard to get into the workouts with the new hosts. The new female face of, Lisa-Marie, took some getting used to. She is definitely has a high energy vibe about her and her workouts are challenging. Some of the workouts are too reliant on special equipment, like the Lebert Equalizer, but they do give you alternative exercises to do – you just feel like you aren’t getting the maximum you can out of the workout (but that is all mental).

One thing I like that Bodyrock has done recently is they have added a beginning, intermediate and advanced workout. I love this because I can the beginner workout to days when I’m running and don’t feel like I can muster the energy for a full on HiiT. I can add the intermediate workout on days I’m not running. The advanced workouts are tough, I can’t do the pull-ups required, but that is something I have to work on.

Bodyrock Turn up The Music! workout:

Zuzana Light came out of hiding last month and we have been treated to weekly ZWOW’s (Zuzana’s Workout of the Week) on her YouTube channel – ZuzkaLight. These are also 10-30 minute HiiT style workouts. What I love about these is that you can see Zuzana doing the whole workout and you can try to keep up with her pace. The workouts don’t require much in the way of equipment – just some hand weights and kettlebells if you have them. They are not as intense as the Bodyrock workouts, but are very effective. You also don’t have that “NSFW” feeling while on Zuzana’s YouTube channel that you sometimes feel when viewing the Bodyrock site.

Zuzka Light’s ZWOW # 6:

I have to say that I enjoy¬† both Bodyrock and ZuzkaLight very much and I’m glad that we have these free workouts to keep us fit and motivated everyday.