Why I stopped following Bodyrock.tv

I’ve been a big supporter of bodyrock.tv for the past couple of years. I would recommend them to anyone I knew that was beginning a fitness routine, for weight loss, health, or just for fun. There was always a voyeuristic element to the site, but I didn’t mind it, because the workouts were great and the underlying message behind the site, to get healthy outside and inside, was something I could get behind.

Somehow, in the last few months, that has all changed. There is a superficially about it that I find unappealing.  Initially, it started with Lisa-Marie’s underwear workouts. Underwear tend to be a bit more revealing than bikini bottoms and track shorts, due to their breathability factor. If you are just working out at home in undies, more power to you, been there done that. 😉 However, if you are posing for a workout photoshoot…maybe not the best choice, but it does get people talking….

Not a good look! (courtesy of http://www.bodyrock.tv)

I liked the fact that bodyrock started utilizing social media, but I didn’t like the fact that they started posting vapid updates. I would see status after status linking to gossip magazines showing celebrities with “unflattering” figures with a title of “What do you think of this?” The whole concept of bodyrock became image related. I didn’t want to bring Zuzana up, but when she would offer up recipes, it would actually be a recipe…that you can make :), and she would explain why the ingredients were good for you. Now you are offered a picture of a salad with the caption “This is what I ate today”…which on a certain level, isn’t bad, but it only touches the surface on what it takes to commit to a healthy lifestyle. There seems to be more of a focus on “getting skinny” over at Bodyrock over actually “getting healthy.”

Then there is the cosmetic surgery. I’m not against cosmetic surgery, so when Lisa-Marie blogged about getting new boobs, I said more power to her. But soon after the boobs came the hair extensions, then the fuller lips, and then what appears to be botox around the cheeks/eyebrows. What startled me is that this happened so quickly, what also grabs my attention is that Lisa-Marie doesn’t seem like herself anymore. I know that this is just my own opinion, but it’s like all her insecurities are on full display. Her eyes look sad.

I found this image on a Pet Rock Studios blog post and it sums up this commentary perfectly.

There is also a major focus on the part of Freddie Light to highlight the new implants in most of the teaser photos…If it’s not the implants, it’s the crotch region. I don’t mind a touch of provocative, but bleh, I’m not really digging the new direction. I’m not going to get into the whole new “Flow” section, because I just don’t like the direction they’ve taken with it either.

Bottom line – While bodyrock.tv still has some great workouts to choose from, their direction into “Thinspo” has driven me away from recommending them and following the site in the future.


52 thoughts on “Why I stopped following Bodyrock.tv

  1. It is good to know others are stopping their support of BR due to the unhealthy direction it has taken! It makes me a little sad – I really loved it a few years back.

  2. i agree too. Zuzanna used to smile and have fun and was not so freakishly INTENSE, not that her workouts weren’t INSANE, but she had some joy about it, whereas Lisa, just seems so determined to FOCUS. I like Z’s new site

  3. I agree to an extent with you. I like zuzana alot more and do believe that her heart was/is in her workouts. She also works to vary the exercises for those less capable for whatever reason, which I dont see Lisa Marie taking time to do very often. There are people who only use that site to get a good intense workout in and then go to other more knowledgeable sites, like nutritioustable.com for their nutrition advice and counsel. So while I agree that this workout seems to be exploiting her sexuality, I just dont pay that much attention to it and I use a number of other training methods alternately with Bodyrock. The direction it has gone is not for the typical bodyrock people so it will definitely change up the audience. But that’s why Zuzana is still around. I dont know what the story behind Freddy is, but he definitely seems a little too focused on the physical. He lost out when he lost Zuzana.

    • I just discovered bodyrock, well, I followed a link that sent me to a youtube video of who turned out to be Lisa-Marie & I immediately loved it & thought that with time I could actually follow that workout or at least try it daily.
      I read the comments & some were making fun of her small breasts which it sounds funny but scrolled back up & noticed that indeed, her breasts were small but ummm, she has maybe 5% [???] body fat so her cup size was not shocking to me.
      Anywho I got hooked from that video on & found maybe two more videos before the next video had her with bigger breasts. I was not too thrilled that maybe she gave in to the negative comments but well it was her body but I though she went too big of a cup size. On that same night I found her somewhat provocative pictures of her but I thought they were done in good taste & it only displayed her well toned fit body.
      But I don’t know, at times I feel like many of you, that now her pictures are just provocative & nothing else. I mean her body is amazing but the inspiration I had in the beginning, which is only about a week & a half ago is somewhat gone.
      in those same comments about Lisa-Marie I kept reading about A Zuzana & a Zuzka. I thought they were two different girls but it was difficult to follow the comment conversation when people seemed to be using the names interchangeably. So I looked up Zuska, clicked on images & among the pictures there was one of a naked Zuzka. Needless to say I found an article about her past. While I applaud that she is a survivor of such a world, I can only see her as a victim & not an inspiration.
      By the clothing & mostly the shots & the workout names I feel like she still is being victimized.
      Well, these are my opinions & views, I have not done any of the workouts yet, but now that the weather is getting cold & rainy I will bring my workout from running outdoors into some bodyrock indoors.
      I feel like I don’t like that guy Freddy, even though I don’t know much about him & only seen three pictures of him just today on Lisa-Marie’s facebook, but I need to look past all this & follow their workout because it is like many of you have mentioned, very fun & it could definitely bring results or just keep me off the couch.
      Happy Workout!!!

      • Well written!
        Everything depends on the perspective. Let them live their lives, Lisa-Marie wanted to improve herself, she made it, happy for her. If only she’s happy with herself. Why do you care so much? Does she talk about it and convince anyone to do the same? No, she’s never said it’s so cool to have the implants; no comment at all.
        What the Bodyrock does it provide us with free workout and motivation. Many times I would have just given up if not listening to Lisa shouting “Don’t give up, keep going, it’s only 15 seconds left”. It really kept me going.
        And again, it’s up to you what to follow and what not to follow. I have never made any of their recipes, I eat what I want and what I find healthy. I am not focused on being skinny but healthy. I like pizza and pastas and chocolate. I have no longer backaches and and I am proud of doing more push-ups than men.
        Choose well for you!

  4. Ive felt the same about bodyrock for a while now, im a girl and just am not into staring at lisas huge boobs or butt the whole time i work out. Then i found out zuzana light does her own workout videos now!!!!!! Ive been doing her work outvideos and they reflect
    Everything i loved and missed out bodyrock. For all those missing old br youtube her name and youll find her videos. Her positive attitude is infectious!!

  5. Good for you!! Well said. I agree, Lisa looks very sad. I think being with Freddie has brought out some of her insecurities. She seemed fresh and light and peppy when she first started. Now she seems like a hot mess. The most recent surgery or hers made me unlike her page. She just had nose done. That’s what made me finally call it quits. It’s all about image and not health. I think I will start following zuzana again.

  6. well i see your point. i dont really pay attention to it, because simply I just want a good workout and on the real i have never sweated so much in 7 min now i dont know about the results yet … that would be a nice motivation of someone would ever give an estimation .. but what i can say is that there should be a big warning side over the page as in they always welcome beginners to follow their workouts and seriously jumping squats can f@ck up anybody. there is no caution for the exercise and the execution and that i find very dangerous for people who never been in a gym and or dont know how to train …

  7. I absolutely agree with you! Lisa keeps saying that no matter what you look like you have to love yourself first. Apparently she doesn’t love herself or the way she looks((( Body size is like a size of your shoe that can’t be fit in size 6 if your’s 9. It hurts!

    • I don’t have a problem with cosmetic surgery at all, but you have to be in the right mindset to have it. Lisa underwent a dramatic transformation and I hope she did it for all the right reasons. She shouldn’t have the surgery and show her body to be an inspiration to you (generally speaking). At least I hope not.

    • Agreed I havr breat implants as well, she’s a stunning looking woman who alw s ys seems upbeat so dont get the sad thing either. She ois a very motivating coach and love her hiit max vids, hoping she makes some knew ones and real time.!!!

  8. I don´t bodyrock anymore either. I loved BR when it was Zuzka´s. I haven´t done a w/o from the new BR since last summer. Some old, Zuzka´s w/o´s I have done occasionally. I liked Lisa-Marie quite a lot at first; now I can hardly recognize she is the same person. She used to be so cute and pretty and happy! It´s sad. But that´s not the reason why I don´t bodyrock no longer. I just got bored. And one thing which started to annoy me a lot; if you gave a constructive criticism, you were completely ignored and deleted. Well, luckily we have Zuzka on her own site, and my other love, Tatianna, at Loving Fit! =D Happy days.

    Have a nice weekend! =D

  9. Not that it really matters…but i think a lot of people don’t know that Zuzana did porn prior to her now workout videos/site.

    • So, funny enough, I just read about this!

      She was trapped into soft core at a young age, met freddie during a potential shoot (that would have led to worse stuff)… they fell in love and moved back to Canada. Health and fitness, and apparently Freddie, helped her heal out of that stage of her life. They started BR, but became too business partner oriented, and drifted. I might assume he took the biz too seriously, and started (not actively or on purpose) objectifying her. I think he is all biz, page views, etc…. can’t speak to Lisa Marie, but I might imagine she is in control of all the body mod, and he helps accelerate her insecurity with fierce dedication to the biz. I do not they do some really goofy, funny stuff on the site, but not sure that’s legitimate and earnest fun, or ploy for views. He wears a tutu, he’s hidden in one scene, etc.

      Whatever the case, there’s a point where someone loses all their human features and slips into the “uncanny valley” (search it).

      She’s slid down that slope – so any awe and positive message she could hope to relay with her health, fitness, nutrition, and body, is seriously negated by that Demi Moore effect: how much is real fitness I can achieve, and how much was paid for.

      I am just some middle aged guy into fitness that would lead friends to Zuzana to motivate them.

      Lisa Marie might motivate them, but honestly, I imagine in a less than fitness oriented way.

    • She did, but she got out of it and part of the reason she and Freddie split was because he was always sexualizing her on Bodyrock. They had many disagreements about that. Zuzuka has learned from her past. It is in her past and certainly does not define who she is nor does it give Freddie the right to exploit her.

  10. Yup. I’m a fan of Zuzka too. Very happy to see her break off from bodyrock.tv and make it on her own!! I started watching her videos when she was with Eddie travelling all over Europe.. then one day.. this new girl shows up.. like wtf.. reminds you to never mix pleasure with business.

  11. Is so weird Lisa Marie mentioned that how her sister is so much prettier, have big boobs and big volume hair and etc but she is happy for her. She also said she appreciate how herself look and WOULDN’T change a single thing as she can make the best out of her by working out and live healthily but look at her now, how f…..g hypocrite and liar is she?!

    • And Freddie stop being such little boy, grow up, stop talking bad about Z like a little girl so what she dump you or not. In a relation not she or he would dump the other, get the f..k over it and u already have another one who change their boobs and face for you, stop soaking like a little girl..need a wahmbulance? Wah wah wah…

  12. I started following bodyrock a few months ago. Never got to see that Zuzana girl videos but Lisa Marie’s videos are very intense and very challenging unlike many videos you can find on the net. Who cares if she got hair extensions? We are following her so she can teach us new fun moves and she provides. I think she’s very pretty. Everyone is saying she looks unhealthy but to me her body just reflects all the workouts she’s doing. Yes there’s a bit of objectification but everything is sexualised one way or another. She’s old enough to know.

  13. I’d have to agree with you. Every time I look for a workout, I search Lisa because in the start in her undies in her living room, she was cute and quirky. But as you said, over time I started noticing changes in her. Her attitude, her appearance. She was perfect the way she was before, but then her face started changing. And yes, a lot of Smut mag references. I’m a bit disappointed as well. Sure, if you have had injuries or feel really terrible about a part of you’re body ( because super fit women lose their boobs) I understand. But when you slowly change you’re appearance so much that you’re unrecognizable and look like all the other plastic hollywood goers, then it just saddens me. If real every day women (who can’t afford plastic surgery, and don’t want it either) are searching here for workouts, they want to see real women. Flaws and all . It’s something relatable. Love who you are and how you look. If you don’t accept yourself the way you were born, then no-one else will. BTW, i still follow the workouts, but it saddens me to see her doing so much to her face ;(

  14. There’s so many variations on fitness regimes, I guess there is room for Lisa-Marie’s apporach, even if 99% of viewers of her videos are only burning calories off on one hand…must say, that she has an amazing looking coochie, looks like it could each a man.

  15. I begin working out with Zuzuka when she was a part of bodyrock. I found her workouts very challenging, a bit too repetitive for my tastes but over all very effective and unique. When Lisa Marie took over I was a bit skeptical but after giving her a chance I found her style was a really good match for me and exactly what I needed. I absolutely love HIIT and that’s thanks largely to Lisa Marie. I hate typical cardio routines, running bores me to tears. I love the way Lisa organizes her workouts, it is so easy to follow along. Granted I have to modify at times but I find it easy to do because of the way she does her workouts (I jump rope while she demos and that gives me time to think of a substitute if necessary). I mainly view her workouts from Youtube because I don’t like the Bodyrock website and I don’t follow her on Youtube so I don’t know that much about her personally. I rarely look at videos when I exercise I listen to the instructions, I just find that easier because of some problems I have with my vision. I work out to both Zuzuka and Lisa Marie regularly.

    I have noticed though that Lisa Marie has had some plastic surgery done. I have tried to put myself in her shoes. Like many women I am guessing she wants to be both fit and feminine. If my bodyfat were as low as hers I doubt I would have much in the way of breasts. You can build a butt with muscle but the girls just kind of vanish at a certain point. If I lost my breasts I would have a problem with it not to the point of surgery because that’s just not an option for me but I would be self-conscious. As for facial surgery that rarely improves appearance in my opinion (I hate to think what would happen to my thin, delicate skin). I am not satisfied with my looks all the time (ahem ever) but I feel like surgery doesn’t address the underlying issues. I think the changes that would take place after the surgery would make me feel really uncomfortable no matter how it turned out, like it wasn’t my face or something. I have body dysmorphia so for me I know it is a terrible idea. I don’t even wear makeup. I don’t judge others though we all have insecurities and society is really really hard on appearance (it is especially brutal on fitness personalities). Doing her workouts I don’t feel the need to conform to a certain ideal because I am not looking to have a 6 pack or anything. I know what I want, what my personal goals are and it doesn’t matter to me if that matches up with societies’ ideals or the individual preference of my trainer. I measure myself only against myself.

  16. why don’t all of you with your judgmental believes just more on, who cares what your bs believes are. there’s the door go and never come back, nobody is perfect.
    you can’t please everyone, so you got to please yourself. Lisa appears to be pleasing herself.
    leave her be.

  17. This is an old post but I just wanted to add. I get the impression that the culprit is the people behind the cameras and the media and advertising staff. She’s said before that she doesn’t choose her outfits, some guy does it for her. And I believe that because who really buys all cleavage exaggerating sports bras. The ones with more coverage usually offer better support IMO. But hey, if you want viewers people jump to click bait I guess.

  18. I dont like the sexuality in their workouts. It all supposed to be about fitness not about boobs. That it is too much. I like Zuzkalight. When she was doing her workouts i was really looking forward to them. Lisa is a BIG NO.

  19. Ok I see what you’re saying….so I’m curious who/ what you’re “following” in your health journey and why… I’m always interested in learning new things about health and nutrition and the why behind things… thank you for sharing.

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